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Get Paid when you, others and their friends Purchase!

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 70,000 Merchants today - 10M in 2020s

     10 years behind Europe 

    10 years  - US expected like Europe!

Do you know anyone who buys gas at Arco, Mobil and Chevron or shops at merchants Because all of these stores and 70,000 others will pay you up to 5% cashback to purchase and they give you shopping points to be used at the stores!

You also will receive 1/2% for telling friends, businesses and groups who join free for a lifetime of purchases at members. 

You also can receive another 1/2% when their friends, businesses and groups join free for their lifetime of purchases.

Imagine you or your business getting paid 1/2% or more on purchases made at member merchants when your customers are not in your business and an exit plan to stop the stress of running a business with a lifetime of income and because it is willable and saleable you family can have an income when heirs continue purchasing again and again.  

There’s No Cost to join and but you or your business must be first to bring in your friends, groups and businesses or you will lose both of the ½% or more from their purchases FOR THEIR LIFETIMES!  

See the individual and being a business sides at and then let's talk. 

If you have Internet skills, online business building skills, CSV files, wordsmith or need to earn more, we will teach you to do the business.    

Thank you for coming.


We are not the city type membership Chamber. We teach business how to do more business,  We are a Business Tools Chamber of Commerce of 9 years. If your business has a pain or an income problem, walk-in traffic, empty tables or other fixable problems our suggestions are free as long as you are following our suggestions. See the Contact Us below.

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To contact us, ask a question or comment, please go to to our contact site. a clean  Google Link  

We are looking for IT people for social media, database, websites, Joomla or marketing wordsmiths that would like to work an hour a day average for us to build you lifetime of growing income.